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Through its commonly known brand Panasonic, Panasonic Corporation, based in Osaka, Japan, is a world-class manufacture in the field of electronic products, especially for the needs of ordinary consumers and businesses.

In Asia Pacific, Panasonic first appeared by establishing its first factory in Thailand in 1961. In the following years, Panasonic operations in this region also developed. Currently the operation is in 6 regional areas (80 countries including Indonesia).

In Indonesia, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia has a very long history and is inherent in the hearts of the people. Starting with the presence of the radio 'tjawang' by the late Drs. H. Thayeb Moh. Gobel in 1954, the first TV in 1962, and the presence of the National brand in 1970. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia is also the driving force of local component supplier companies. Until 2004 the name National changed to Panasonic. Until now, Panasonic in Indonesia remains a leading electronic brand that provides innovative products for home appliances (AC, Smart TV, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Audio Devices, Rice Cooker, Microwave, Air Purifier to a variety of hair styling and skin care devices) among B2C and system solutions in B2B that are oriented to the local market to answer the needs of the Indonesian people.